Introduction to Drama Therapy

Our Experience Shows!

Drama Therapy is effective with many disorders including Depression, PTSD, Autism, Aspergers, ID and Dementia.

The techniques of Drama Therapy translate well into promoting effective planning and strategies, bringing change to people's lives.

Drama therapy is used as both a diagnostic and treatment tool to achieve the individual's goals.

They promote positive, focussed interaction and encourage people to think beyond immediate, habitual responses.

This is a safe, fun, effective way to improve performance at all levels.

Skilled and enthusiastic expertise in the use of drama in therapeutic work and life enhancing situations is available now. We can also tailor a delivery package to the needs of you and/or your organisation.

Why Use Us!

We are now offering a 12-week therapeutic program for persons with dementia in community or residential care. We have been thrilled that our experiences with Drama Therapy in groups of people severely impaired by dementia have far exceeded expectation based on overseas work.

We are looking to deliver observable improvement in cognition but more practically, we expect to significantly extend the time that people passing through the program will remain in a community setting rather than secure residential care.

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