We offer a number of programs for both the health sector and broader corporate needs, using our drama, facilitation and counselling skills. We offer high-quality, research-based programs that address and facilitate lasting change for our clients.

What is Drama Therapy?

Drama Therapy was developed in the 1960’s and has its background in psychoanalysis. It is most suitable for clients who had difficulties with the confrontational nature of psychoanalysis, or do not have the verbal capacity needed for other therapies.

Drama Therapy is a non-verbal therapy, and uses drama and play as the medium, through which the client address their issues. Using drama, the client experiences new ways of thinking, and experiments with emotions and situations in a safe situation e.g.” I am only pretending”, “It is the police officer I’m playing who is angry, not me”.

We are very proud to be offering you the following programs and packages:


Corporate packages

    • Teambuilding

    • Conflict management

    • Supervision

    • Conducting Drama Therapy sessions

    • Developing tailored Drama Therapy programmes for care providers and client groups


    • Individual Drama Therapy sessions

    • Group sessions( 2-5 people)

    • Drama Therapy groups with people suffering Dementia/Alzheimers (5+ people)

What Makes Us Different

We tap into creativity, encourage you to challenge and change your thinking. This is active, immediate and effective. This is enjoyable. Whether the intent is therapeutic or, training and development, outcomes are useful, positive and enhance performance of participants.

The tools used are liberating and energising - puppets, props, acting, laughing. Don't just sit in a room and hope to learn. Use your sense of fun and adventure to take yourself out of the ordinary to use all your talents to the full.

This is not about changing you, it is about realising that we all have so much more to offer when we use all our potential