Therapeutic purpose

The drama therapeutic activities in our Regain Programme focuses on 4 different areas:

Therapeutic Goals


Deal with existential themes

Increase self esteem/ self view

Decrease aggressive behaviours

Ability to verbalise inner thoughts

Promote well-being

Reduce anxiety

Dealing with change

Dealing with bereavement and grief

Promote self-actualisation

Exploring new thoughts and feelings

Express repressed feelings

Promote sustained communication outside the group

Ability to verbalise inner thoughts

Maintain and enhance relationships

Promote cooperation with others

Improve the ability to empathise

Improve socialisation

Motor skills

Cognitive skills

Improve Fine motor skills

Improve Gross motor skills

Improve Balance

Improve Hand Eye coordination


Facilitate decision making

Improve executive functioning

Improve attention span

Increase concentration

Increase perception

Increase memory

Increase active participation

Ability to verbalise thoughts

Stimulating goal directive ability